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A-Frame: A mazing

Last week I went to A-frame. All I can say is A mazing. Opened November 4th, Chef Roy Choi of Kogi truck fame has hit a home run with this communal dining experience. The small menu that boasts traditional Korean and American offerings leaves diners satisfied both gastronomically and socially. With shared tables, you never know who you will meet. Our favorites for the evening included their Moooooo Kimchee, a take off the original kimchee execution with satisfying falvourful crunchy cubes.

We started with the carne asada torta which was a meal unto itself. So delicious and savory, the flavor levels were off the charts. If I hadn’t wanted to explore the rest of the menu, I would have been entirely happy with just that one dish. We moved on to the barbequed lamb chops with citrus gremolata and salsa verde, followed by the air-dried baby back ribs with hoisin-chili and sesame glaze. The entertainment for the evening came not only with our waitress who was an absolute doll, but also with our communal dining partners who failed to understand the concept of a drip coffee and poured the grounds into the glass, very comical. A-frame has a lot of competition with the recent restaurant boom including Waterloo and City’s delicious addition just up the street. It is a must dine for foodies, food truck lovers and conversationalists alike. No dining experience will ever be the same. Go immediately before the foodie crowd takes too much notice. No reservations, so be ready for a cocktail or two before you dine…as if I had to add that.

A-Frame is located at 12565 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90066 (310) 398-7700
or visit them on the web at

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