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Anisette Bistro: My New Local Favorite

Last night my culinary adventures took me to a little French Bistro in my neighborhood called Anisette Brasserie.   I must admit that I had an immediate aversion to the name for no other reason than it conjures up thoughts of star anise and black licorice both of which I have an aversion to.

The ambiance was lovely with its dark wood paneling, high vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling mirrored bar.  My dining partner and I did remark, however that the lighting needed dimming to reflect the ambiance of a romantic French bistro.  When we first sat down we noticed that there was no music and nearly jumped out of our seats when the music came blaring over the speakers half way through the meal.

Our waiter, took 10 minutes to take our drink order.  We ordered a Stella and were told that they were trying not to sell beers as the tap was broken.  My dining partner was disappointed and we resigned ourselves to table water.

I was at that point prepared to have a dismal dining experience…and then the food arrived.  The frisee salad with lardon had a perfectly poached egg that oozed yellow over its crisp leaves.  I would have liked the salad to be slightly more dressed and with a hint more acid but the chewy bits of crispy pancetta made me close my eyes and make noises I can’t describe here.  The fois gras terrine served with an apple and vinegar compote was a guilty pleasure unto itself, and other strange animalistic noises exited my lips as I devoured every last morsel.  My dining companion ordered the roasted chicken which was cooked to perfection.  Although the flavor profile was not mind blowing, it was quite good as were the mashed potatoes sprinkled with summer corn.

I would absolutely return to Anisette and plan to shortly to indulge in oysters, pate and the many other dishes on the bistro’s mouth watering menu.

Anisette Brasserie is located at 225 Santa Monica Blvd. In Santa Monica
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