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Aussie Wine Fest With Adam Dromi

February 12th marked the first annual Australia Wine Fest.  Adam Dromi our host and my dear friend, took us on a journey through Australia event through Tazmania!  I had the chance to sit down with Adam to ask him what inspired him to be a wine advocate and create this beautiful event.

LK: What got you started in the wine industry?

AD: Wow that was a long time ago.  To be honest, it started as a hobby to impress a girl.  The girl came and went but I realized that while I thought it was a hobby, I was actually able to turn it into a job and left soon thereafter to go to Australia to study wine.

LK:  And what would you say is your favorite wine varietal?

AD: Well, I think any good sommelier or wine advocate would say that their favorite wine changes depending on the seasons and my mood, but at the end of the day I’m partial to a good Barossa Shiraz

LK: What inspired you to create OZ Fest?

AD:  Because I lived in Australia, I know how great and diverse Australian wines are, so it made me see that people’s perceptions of Australian wines outside of Australia are big, fruity, jammy, over the top wines with cute fuzzy animals on them.  I wanted to change that, and being at the wine house was a perfect venue.

LK: And how do you think it was received?

AD: Well, we sold out several weeks before the event, if that means anything?  I think people had a great time.  They enjoyed the relaxed, unpretentious attitude and I think they were surprised and inspired by the wines.  A lot of them said they knew the big bold Shirazes that Australia produced, but they were really impressed with the uncommon varietals, the Chardonnay’s, Pinot and bold Cabs.

LK:  Of the wines that were at the event, which really stood out to you?

AD: The Chataue Tanunda Valley Cabernet I think stood out as a great value and a solid every day drinker.  I think the Kooyong Winery, Clonale Chardonnay and the Massale Pinot Noir were remarkable as were the wines from Western Australia from the Margaret River Region.

LK:  What many people may not know is that Mark Davidson, the Market Development Manager of Wine Australia, offered you a trip with them to Australia the day after the event, were you surprised with that?

AD:  Well his Australian wine emersion course was incredible.  It’s a 6 course class, the last being a blind tasting which was the night after the event.  That’s where they announced that I was going and yes, I was surprised.  From a business sense I was convinced I wasn’t going to go, but I was hopeful.  The goal in sending us there is to see what Australia is all about so we can come back and make an impact in the US markets.  So, doing what I do at the wine house and the love I have for their wines, they saw that I could make a bigger impact with more education.  I’m really excited about the trip because we are going to regions I don’t know enough about.

LK:  Clearly you are extremely passionate about Australian wines.  If there was one take away from the event what would that be?

AD:  I really want people to know that there’s a lot more to Australian wines than what you see.  I want them to know that Australian wines are worth exploring because they have great wines that really deliver.

Check out the Australian wines offered here at the Wine House and stop in to say hi to Adam, and stay tuned for more from


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