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City Sip: Wine for the People

Did you know you can tell the age of the wine by looking at its meniscus? Do you even know what a meniscus is? Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just starting to sip and swirl, proprietor and sommelier Nicole Daddio will make you feel at ease and has the answers to all of your wine questions.

I had the pleasure of being invited to one of her “wine virgin” classes and, although I have been a long-time lover and student of wines, I learned so much and most importantly had a freaking blast!  Nicole takes all the snootiness out of drinking wine, after all her motto is wine for the people.  Not only are the classes intimate, entertaining and educational, but her menu offerings are just as inviting.

Nicole certainly has a refined palate for both food and wine but unlike some snooty soms, she keeps it real.  The City Sip space itself is so cozy and intimate you always feel like you are drinking with friends.  Nicole has made it her mission to share with her clientele unique wines of enormous value and flavor.  I will definitely be returning for more from this tiny gem.   For more information and to book a class please visit and follow them @citysipla to find out about special offers and event

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