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Craft Beer Tasting and Education by Mint Castle

Beer Festival Brews Minus the Crowd, a MintCastle Exclusive Event

MintCastle and Morandell Imports, a specialized importer of German and Austrian brews, have carefully selected seven of the best imports from historic European breweries for your enjoyment on Thursday, June 9th. Reserve your seat today to experience Barock Dunkel, a lager that has been around for 961 years, or the award winning Weltenburger Anno 1050.

We have carefully curated the selection to showcase dimension, variety, complexity, and give our members an unforgettable tasting in German and Austrian beer. Experience brewery selections from the world’s oldest dark beer to a beer cuvee. Never had a cuvee? Stop by to try your first.

Each tasting will be paired with complimentary small bites by the award winning kitchen of Tiato Restaurant & An Catering to illustrate how well the flavors of craft beer can enhance and complement your favorite dishes.

The small group setting will allow you time to enjoy the beer tasting, mingle with other beer fans, and ask questions in a crash course on German and Austrian craft beer from among the most informed in the business, Carl Morandell.

With a family history that extends to the medieval ages and four generations of Austrian wine making and beer importing as his legacy, Carl’s knowledge is extensive and his lineage is legit. A few minutes with him will convert non-beer drinkers and wine lovers to beer fans and connoisseurs. Learn several variations of the Heffeweizen, which style beer is best for your palate, and why German Beer is fuller and more intense than American beers.

Featured Imports:
·  ANNO 1050 – CUVÉE (Kloster Weltenburg) – DLG Gold Medalist & World Cup Champion
·  BAROCK DUNKEL – LAGER (Kloster Weltenburg) – 1,000 year old recipe
·  WEISSE BOCK – EXTRA (Innstadt Brauerei) – ’96 & ’04 World Beer Cup Champion
·  DOPPEL BOCK (Stift Schlagl)
·  ABTEI PILS (Stift Schlagl)
·  CLASSIC – FEST BIER (Rieder Brauerei)
·  HEFEWEIZEN – ANNO 25 (Aktien Brauerei)

The evening includes:
·  Beer tasting of seven German and Austrian imports
·  The opportunity to speak with an expert in the field, Carl Morandell
·  Expert explanation of manufacturing techniques and flavor analysis
·  A variety of food pairings from Tiato Restaurant & An Catering
·  DLG Gold Medalist and World Beer Cup Champions award winners
·  An event brochure with descriptions of tastings

Space is limited. We wouldn’t wait if we were you, just saying…

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