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Hatfield’s: I won’t be hanging my hat here again

Tonight’s culinary adventures took me to Hatfields.  I have to say unfortunately the food much like the décor was beige.  While the presentation was lovely, the flavors just missed for me as well as for my dinning partner.  In addition, the service, aside from our waiter Dave who was quite amusing, was also mediocre.  Plates left empty a little too long, empty wine glasses left on the table after we ordered a bottle of bubbly.

The menu was small but intriguing offering unique savory and sweet entrée combinations such as a sweet buttermilk steamed chicken and Berkshire pork loin.  I ordered the Croque  Madame which was described beautifully; yellowtail sashimi, prosciutto, sunny side up quail egg on grilled brioche.  When it arrived at our table it was exquisitely presented but fell short on flavor.  The quail egg was done or should I say overdone, losing the lovely runny yolk texture that would have melded beautifully onto the brioche.  Similarly the yellowtail was slightly fishy and the brioche slightly oily.  For my main I ordered the slow cooked beef short rib with blue lake beans, braised radish and horseradish potato puree.  Again just slightly off.  Short ribs were a bit fatty, the beans were marginally overdone and I couldn’t find the horseradish in the potato.  Unfortunately it was a forgettable meal at a not so forgettable price.

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