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Krupp Brothers Winery: A Hidden Napa Gem

In 1991 Dr. Krupp, owner of Krupp Brothers Stagecoach Vineyards was saving people during the week and cooking and make wine on the weekends.  At that time he had a few acres to play with but wanted to do more.  That year he bought 41 acres of unplanted ground and started hiring the smartest farmers he could find and started planting.  Four years later he bought the additional 750 acres that are now the heart of Stagecoach.

“When I was looking to buy the big first piece of stagecoach there were no roads in and my brother came out to look at it from New Jersey.  He had a cold and it was raining.  We had to walk part of the way into the property.  I remember that he looked out onto the property and said, “You want to turn that into a vineyard? I always thought you were crazy, now I know it”.  I guess I was a little, but I’ve never looked back.”

Dr. Krupp and his family have built a quality brand with a unique and loyal following.  “The strength of the brand is that we have so many great acres that we can pick and choose,” Dr. Krupp told me during our interview.   But he is currently most excited about his ’06 and ’07 Cabernets.  Having tasted them myself, I can say that the ’06 Cabernet is a cab lovers dream.  The aromas of raspberries, blueberrys and chocolate as well as a definitive herbaciousness emanates from the glass.  For all of you who may not get that, all you need to know is it’s spectacular!

Dr. Krupp also has a unique perspective on the challenging economy.  They are even ordering a new “greener” bottle which will allow them to offer the wines at an incredible value.  And in that same vein Dr. Krupp had a piece of advice for anyone trying to get into the business.  “Focus on one or two wines to start and make sure that they are fantastic.  Do that by buying or growing the very best grapes you can afford because you can sure mess up good grapes but if you start with a good product you are already at an advantage.”

With their unique labels and ambitiously bold wines, Krupp Brothers will be coming to your favorite restaurant’s wine list soon.  Stay tuned for big things from this small production winery.

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