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LA Times Food and Wine Festival

This weekend was the LA Times Food and Wine Festival at Paramount Studios.  Oh wait, it was so crowded you were probably there.  Aside from the random bee sting that did not leave me too happy, the festival was not my favorite.  We had applied for press credentials months earlier and were not told that we were denied until the Wednesday before the event.  Which left us with no option but to purchase tickets which we were happy to do, however there were no VIP tickets available at that late date.  Already irritated, we showed up at 1pm and went straight to the first tasting area where we were told there were out of bubbly…um excuse me, it’s not even 2 hours into the event yet.  Ok, not off to a good start. The day definitely picked up once I found someone nice enough to give us VIP passes and we escaped the extreme heat and huge crowds into the VIP tasting area which was surprisingly just as crowded.  My favs of the day were King’s Fish House with their succulent oysters and sauce station, the Salt’s Cure Table with their marinated salmon and divine sauce and finally the Grigich Hills 2008 Fume Blanc…not to be missed!  Not sure if we will make it back next year, but I suppose it’s like any good technology, difficult to be an early adopter…maybe next year they will get it right.

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