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OC foodie fest: It Took me This Long to Get Over my Food Hangover

Saturday August 28th marked the day of the 1st annual OC Foodie Fest. The festival is the first of its kind in Orange County, bringing together all of the food trucks in the LA and OC areas. And it could only take their social media director @bigheadasian to get me to go to Orange County for glorified roach coaches. We showed up expecting crazy crowds, but the festival grounds were well staffed and crown control was easy.
Although there were long lines at every truck, part of the fun was the divide and conquer technique that smart foodies adopted, sending our friends foraging through the rows of trucks and returning to us in line with something new to taste. The best truck by leaps and bounds was the Dan Dan BBQ. Freakin’ awesome doesn’t begin to describe the moist, flavorful short rib sliders which were definitely worth the wait. All in all a great day, and I will definitely be back next year. But this time, don’t forget the sunscreen and make sure to leave room for desert!

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