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Social media: 3 Reasons Why You Need to be on Board

Even in today’s day and age I come across companies and brands who are fighting social media.  It amazes me.  Here are 3 quick reasons why you need to get over your fears and get on board.

1. It’s inexpensive marketing

If companies are always worried about their bottom line, then why wouldn’t they do something that costs next to nothing when compared to traditional marketing methods?  The answer to that question is fear.  People don’t want to do what they don’t understand. This especially applies to companies who have been marketing and advertising a specific way for long periods of time.  Let’s face it, people are afraid of change, but change is an inevitability of life and especially of technology.  The best solution?  Hire a social media marketer.  Make sure it is a qualified individual who has a track record of helping companies expose their brand on multiple social media platforms.  Make sure that your current marketing team works closely with this person so that your ultimate social media plan is in line with your current marketing goals.  Think of it as just another arm of your comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy.

2. Everyone is doing it

I know your mother would probably say, “well if everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it too?”  Well, your mom is probably on facebook if not twitter.  The baby boomers are the largest market currently adopting social media.  This means that the market is changing.  Where people are getting their information is changing.  While you may not be an early adopter, that no longer applies to social media platforms like facebook and twitter.  So get on board, otherwise you are not reaching your market where they are, and after all isn’t that the whole point to your business?

3. It’s the future

There are many social media properties out there.  Social is the future.  There will be many more social media incarnations, so getting on board now will ensure that you have an idea of where it is headed.  Staying ahead of the curve or at least in it is crucial from a marketing and advertising standpoint.  One of the latest buzzwords is geomapping or location-based technologies.  Why do I know that?  Because I’m on current social media properties and people are talking about it.

In conclusion, it’s cheap, everyone is doing it, and it will keep you current in your market.  These are all things that are valuable for you as an employee and for the future of your business.

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