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Sorry Mr. Lobster

Last week while visiting San Francisco, my sister asked if I would help her shop and prepare a meal for her boyfriend’s birthday.  Of course being the good big sister I am I said yes and proceeded to drive her all around the city in search of ingredients for the meal.  Our first stop was for lobster at Sun Fat Seafood Company (super fresh fish) in the Mission.  Walking in you are hit with a wall of seafood stink that almost stops you cold in your tracks, but then that’s a fish market.  We perused the tanks and found 2 crustaceans that we thought fit the bill.  Dayna (my sister) decided she was going to cook lobster tails and claws.  This meant that the fish monger was going to dismantle the lobster for us then and there. Neither one of us was prepared for what happened next (see video below).

The tails and claws continued to move for 5 minutes after the massacre and I thought to myself, thank god I’m not eating this meal, because I don’t think I could if I tried (aside from my unnatural fear of eating things that look like what they are).  My poor sister carried the bag of still moving body parts at arms distance as we made our way back to her apartment to prep.  Though I love lobster, it will definitely be a while until I order one.  Thought about going vegetarian again for a second…then the silly notion passed and we dropped the tails in the scalding hot water.

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