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Sugar Fish Sushi: Who Said Too Much Sugar Is Bad For You?

My favorite things include, shopping, vintage champagne, cooking, and now….Sugar Fish Sushi.  And now, I can get it way too easily at their newest location just around my corner in Santa Monica.  If you’re an LA native you will know the historical story about Sushi Nozawa a.k.a. “The Sushi Nazi” known for omakase only service and kicking you out for dipping your fish the wrong way (yes, it happened to me).

Now Nozawa, his son Tom, Emanuele Massimini, and a few others have collaborated to create this new concept made in sushi heaven.  There are 3 omakase options, trust me light, trust me and the Nozawa each depending on how hungry you are.  There are a few other options you can add to the menu, but it is the simplicity, the quality and the service, (the restaurant trifecta) that keeps locals coming back for more.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Emanuele, known to his friends as Lele for an indulgent sushi dinner and was almost more charmed with his passion and knowledge about food and wine than I was with the sushi itself.  Of course how can you not love the Italian accent, and never missing a beat pouring an empty glass of water or sake, but how did he get involved with owning and operating a successful sushi restaurant?

It turns out Lele and his partners would go to the original Sushi Nozawa in (gasp) the valley. From being big fans, they became friends with the master, and eventually they embraced his idea and goal to serve his same quality food at a price point that would allow most people to have it several times a week not just once in a while as most sushi is cost prohibitive.  As Lele told me their goal was,”to make great sushi an everyday luxury”.  And so, SUGARFISH  was born.

The sushi is simple just like the restaurant design.  No fancy rolls, no tempura just simple warm rice with the perfect secret mix of vinegar paired with the highest quality sushi that literally makes you close your eyes and make slightly inappropriate noises.

I hope you will take the time to visit one of their many locations and experience it for yourself.

Sugar Fish can be found in Brentwood, Downtown LA, Marina Del Rey, and Santa Monica

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